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Marketing and Sales - Focus on Germany

Are you interested in doing business globally in general and in Germany in particular? With Germans? As every country so does Germany hold some surprises for international business people traveling to Germany. Appreciating the diversity of cultures is the key to becoming a truly international manager. What should an incoming manager or student know about German business culture? In-house trainings will help you better understand German business culture, peoples' attitudes and reveal the secrets to get in touch with German business people successfully.

Alt or Kölsch?

The type of beer you order in a pub may have significant impact on the way people will treat you.


Data protection vs public nudity

Private data is considered highly important. On the other hand nudity on public beaches is not unusual.


Appointment on Saturday afternoon?

Forget it! People watch soccer (Fußball).

Soccer arena "Auf Schalke"
Soccer arena "Auf Schalke"


  1. Germans are rude.
  2. Germans love rules.
  3. Germans love cars more than anything.
  4. Germans are very organized and super responsible.
  5. Germans are extremely punctual.
  6. Germans are "know-it-all".
  7. Germans are tree huggers.
  8. Everything runs like clockwork.
  9. Germans have no sense of humour.
  10. Germans love beer.

What do you think - truth or myth? Academically, stereotypes are part of an unconscious or cognitive classification. According to Mike Cardwell stereotypes are over-generalized beliefs about a particular category of people. They are based on perception of language, culture, mentalities, physical appearance. Saul McLeod points out that such generalizations may be useful when making quick decisions. Since stereotypes are a kind of defense mechanism to avoid exhausting efforts of any necessary individual experience (Franz Dröge) they may be erroneous when applied to particular individuals. Before experiencing the trap of intercultural blunders you should take the opportunity to sharpen your perception of foreign cultures and groups in a social environment.


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Do Germans really love their cars?
Do Germans really love their cars?
Recycling box
Recycling box
Is Deutsche Bahn always on time?
Is Deutsche Bahn always on time?