Business Lounge: Dialog mit der Praxis

Keynote Speeches, Vorträge

Wissenstransfer Theorie und Praxis im Dialog: Keynote Speeches, Impulsreferaten und wissenschaftliche Begleitung von Workshops. Themen:

  • Marketing-Konzepte
  • Vertriebsstrategien und CRM
  • Service Excellence und Customer Experience
  • Innovation und Business Development
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Training und Coaching: Marketing Talents Development (MTD)

Im intensiven Austausch mit der Praxis entstand ein modular aufgebautes Marketing Trainingskonzept. Praxisnah, interaktiv und interdisziplinär wird relevantes Marketing-Fachwissen ohne "wissenschaftlichen Schnickschnack" und dennoch "handwerklich solide" vermittelt. Im Mittelpunkt steht das begleitende Erarbeiten einer Marketing-Konzeption für ein Produkt oder eine Geschäftseinheit. Das Ergebnis wird von Führungskräften präsentiert und diskutiert.


Based on intense dialogue with business executives, marketing experts, and HR professionals MTD represents a very productive way to train marketing skills. Interactively, interdisciplinary with high real business impact. Straight to business neglecting academic paraphernalia yet methodically accurate. There is the creation of a business-related marketing plan for the participants' organization on focus. The outcome will be presented and discussed with executives. 


Target Group

Young Potentials sowie Marketing- und Vertriebsmanager mit technischem Hintergrund. Key Account Manager, Produktmanager.


Young potentials, managers in marketing and sales, sales reps with non-business related background (e.g. sales engineers). KAM, PM.



In 3 Trainingsmodulen wird methodisches Fachwissen vermittelt. Vorträge, Diskussionen, Fallstudien.


Based on three training modules participants will acquire expertise in utilizing marketing tools. Knowledge transfer is provided by lectures, discussions, and case studies. 


Action Learning

Erlerntes wird am konkreten Fall eines Unternehmens im Rahmen eines zu erstellenden Marketingplans umgesetzt und der Leitungsebene präsentiert.


Marketing related knowledge will directly be applied to a market-driven challenge the participants' organization is currently facing. A marketing plan will be provided by participants. The plan will be presented to executives.

Business in Germany, focus on "Mittelstand" (SME)

Global players like Siemens, BASF, Volkswagen, Adidas are well known globally. For many people they are considered to be the drivers of Germany's economic power. This is just one part of the truth: most German companies are small and medium sized enterprises (SME, in German: Mittelstand). According to KfW bank they are defined in terms of annual revenue (at max. 50 million Euro) and number of employees (250 or less). Did you know...?

  • more than 99 percent of German companies are SME
  • about 3.5 million companies are SME
  • SMEs offer jobs to more than 58 percent of employees
  • SME's contribution to revenue generated by all companies counts about 35 percent

SME are the backbone or Germany's economy. If you think about doing business in Germany you should learn to understand the culture and genetic code of SME. They show some characteristics and particularities that differ significantly from global players. Some buzzwords: family-owned, flexibility, innovation, tradition, employees' commitment, product quality, start-up culture, customer orientation.

Stralsund industrial harbour
Stralsund industrial harbour
Start up hotspots are rising
Start up hotspots are rising